Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2008

Paulo Coelho

Netter Beitrag von Autor Paulo Coelho in seinem Blog. Dort schreibt er unter dem Titel "A day at the mill" über die wohl allen Autorinnen und Autoren bekannte Tatsache, dass man zu unterschiedlichen Zeiten unterschiedlich viele oder wenige Menschen um sich haben möchte ...

At the moment my life is a symphony made up of three different movements: “many people,” “some people,” and “hardly anybody.” Each of these movements lasts about four months a year; they often come together during the same month, but they never get mixed up.

“Many people” are those moments when I am in touch with the public, editors and journalists. “Some people” happens when I go to Brazil, meet my old friends, walk along Copacabana beach, attend the occasional social event, but as a rule I stay at home.

But today I just want to dwell a little on the “hardly anybody” movement.
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